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Safety and Quality

Our HSE team partners with all stakeholders to provide trusted advice, support regional needs and uphold global standards to eliminate work related injuries and illness.

Further information regarding our QHSE Policies can be found on our website here.


  • Safety Engagement through individual objectives, for every part of the business
  • Enhancing communication via monthly performance reports, updates, and Safety Alerts
  • Driving accountability through live leading indicator dashboards, highlighting individual performance, from front line to the CEO
  • Establishing five new QHSE Courses in IMDEX Academy, covering topics from Hazard and Risk Management to Health & Wellbeing

Notable achievements throughout the year included the continued success of iAuditor to enhance safety engagement and our improved lost time injury rates. Our Safety Engagement average increased from 12 to 17.6. This rate is measured in iAuditor and records the number of safety activities per employee.

Pleasingly, our Lost Time and Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rates reduced by half.

IMDEX Lost Time & Total Recordable Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR & TRIFR) - 12 Months to date


  • Managing High Potential Incidents through enhanced reporting and investigation workflows.
  • Developing a Management & Supervisors Essentials course that includes HSE as a core component.
  • Building on existing HSE training resources within IMDEX Academy.
This year I can say confidently, despite travel restrictions, the distance between the Board Room and our front-line teams has been shorter than it has ever been.



QHSE Standards are central to our IMDEX Management System. These Standards form a robust framework to minimise operational risk, provide a safe working environment and protect the health and wellbeing of our team.

The QHSE Standards cover all employees and workers at any of our locations globally and everyone is required to adhere to our IMDEX QHSE Management System.

To enhance the effectiveness of this system, an internal audit program is in place to target higher risk activities.

Our six largest facilities around the world are independently certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


The identification of workplace hazards during routine and non-routine tasks is supported by online applications, Take 5 and Job Safety Analysis, together with detailed workplace inspections and Safety Observations.

All hazards and incidents are managed via our IMDEX Quality Alert system. We have also adopted the Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) to investigate incidents, identify causal factors and implement improvement opportunities.

Leadership is a key part of our safety culture. Leaders perform physical and virtual Safety Walkthroughs, engage with team members and promote safe work practices. Managers are accountable for the risk assessments and registers that relate to their teams. All workers are responsible for workplace safety and are encouraged to stop work if they feel unsafe or observe an unsafe act.


During FY21 there were three recordable injuries relating to sprains, strains and minor lacerations. All injured workers made a full recovery.


During the year we complemented our confidential Employee Assistance Program and IMDEX Wellness Series with a Mental Health Strategy and regional Peer Supporter Program.

Additional supporting courses have been created in IMDEX Academy, including:

  • HSE Induction
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Work Related Stress

Other opportunities for safety participation and training include:

  • Monthly Health & Safety meetings
  • Our online Quality Alert System
  • Our Digital Workplace, which provides mobile access to all resources and business applications.


During FY21 we focussed on improving visibility in the network, building out our DevSecOps program and building an Architecture Development Methodology. Notable achievements during the period included:

  • Deploying an industry leading Security Information and Event Management solution to correlate logs and generate alerts for anomalies
  • Improving the DevSecOps program by conducting an in-house Capture the Flag exercise to train developers about secure software development
  • Developing an enterprise architecture framework following TOGAF framework and embedding a software architect in each of the software development projects.

Key focus areas in FY22 include:

  • Development and implementation of a data classification scheme
  • Deploying a Data Loss Prevention system to address the risk of data loss
  • Implementing a Cloud Access Security Broker to reduce the risk from cloud apps

We will also work to expand our ISO/IEC 27001 certification to include aiSIRIS, a product included in the IMDEX offering through the acquisition of AusSpec.

TOGAF is a proven Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used by the world’s leading organisations to improve business efficiency. It is the most prominent and reliable Enterprise Architecture standard. By embedding a software architect with security skills in each software development team, IMDEX will also ensure that software developed for the consumption by customers is safe and secure.


Last year we achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification through SGS – a globally renowned inspection, verification, testing and certification company. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an international information security standard, which is recognised in 161 countries. Our certification demonstrates we operate an Information Security Management System that is compliant with its mandatory requirements, have systematic processes for managing information security risks, and have implemented controls mandated by the standard.

Our certification comprises a comprehensive range of activities including:

  • Software development processes
  • The product development life-cycle for its real-time subsurface intelligent solutions
  • Manufacturing and deployment of products and technologies
  • Client support processes
  • Information technology systems for supporting these activities and digital functions

This was a significant milestone for our Company and provides additional assurance to clients regarding the end-to-end security of their information – for example, ordering and dispatch using our Global Digital Rentals platform, critical data collection and transfer with our award-winning cloud solution IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and ongoing support via our 24/7 Customer Care portal.