IMDEX Limited

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Operational Highlights

Improved Safety Performance

LTIFR 1.85

FY21 vs FY20 (3.97)

Continued to Successfully Navigate COVID-19

With increasing pressure on supply chains and people

A Record Number of Rock Knowledge Sensors on Rent

Up 35%

on pre-COVID-19 peak

A Strong Focus on Enhancing Employee Wellbeing

Workplace flexibility and diversity

IMDEXHUB-IQ™ Connected Revenue

Up 30%

Acquired AusSPEC

And its aiSIRIS software to enhance real-time rock knowledge offering with spectral mineralogy and AI technologies

Implemented a Sustainability Policy

Release first Sustainability Report in September 2021

Signed Three Joint Development Agreements

To support new product development and delivery with future opportunities being discussed with a variety of clients

Converted Client Trials for Drilling Optimisation Fluids

In the mining production market into recurring operational revenue

Increased Production Capabilities

For gyro-related technologies in response to demand

Responded to Increasing Demand for Remote Working Solutions

Upgraded IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and released ioGAS 7.3™ geochemistry data analysis software