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2021 Annual Report


We believe mining is essential to all aspects of modern life.

Our opportunity is to change the minerals drilling industry forever.


  • A strong core business that outperforms industry growth
  • A strong financial platform with quality revenue and increasing EBITDA margins
  • Established global presence and client network
  • Market leading technologies with unique defendable IP
  • A committment to targeted R&D to maintain technical leadership
  • End-to-end solutions that are applicable across the mining value chain
  • Opportunities to enhance less-cyclical earnings by extension into adjacent mining production markets
  • The ability to make acquisitions to complement existing product offering
  • Experienced leadership team and world-class geoscience capabilities
  • A low carbon footprint and opportunities to enhance the sustainability of operations for clients

FY21 Annual General Meeting

Members of our Board and Executive Leadership Team will be available to discuss the Company’s performance, operations, and technologies.

7 October 2021, at 11:00 am (AWST)

IMDEX Head Office
216 Balcatta Road
Balcatta WA 6021

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About this Report

This Annual Report provides a summary of Imdex Limited’s operations and performance for the 2021 financial year (FY21).

Unless otherwise stated: references to ‘IMDEX’, the ‘Group’, the ‘Company’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Imdex Limited and its controlled entities. References to a year are to the financial year ended 30 June; and references to dollar figures are in AUD currency.

Sustainability Report

Further details regarding our sustainability approach, health and safety performance and other material information for FY21 is included in our FY21 Sustainable Report. Together the Annual Report and Sustainability Report provide a complementary review of our business.

For further information or feedback, please contact Kym Clements – IMDEX Investor Relations Officer at [email protected]

Forward Looking Statements

This report may contain forward looking statements. Further information can be found here.