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IMDEX is an established business operating in all key mining regions of the world. Our company’s global presence and comprehensive distribution network allows us to provide local and timely solutions to clients, have greater access to international markets and efficiently introduce new technologies to these markets.

Supply chain and logistics

At IMDEX we understand the global logistical challenges of the drilling and mining industries.

We own and operate manufacturing and repair facilities in all key regions for our brands. Our facilities use state-of-the art equipment, quality materials and enable us to control supply chain to the highest standards for our clients’ operations.

We are committed to transparent, safe and ethical procurement practices. Our ethical buying and responsible sourcing program and practice are built on the Walkfree foundation’s guidelines, “Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains”.

Research and development

At IMDEX, we are committed to ongoing research and development to maintain and enhance our technical leadership and support our position as a leading global mining technology company.

Our company currently employs a high proportion of engineers, geoscientists, industrial chemists and data scientists working on R&D and ongoing product development.

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