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Utilise quality real-time data to hit that target

Hitting drill targets whilst maintaining productivity is a challenge in the industry. Having access to quality survey data in real time is critical to meeting this challenge. Without it you run the risk of not knowing where the hole is, or worse missing a target completely and wasting the cost of drilling the hole.

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Accurate and reliable data gives you the confidence to make informed decision on drill hole progress and maximise net-value over the life of a mine. We give you the control to act on the knowledge that is being provided.

Real-time 3D visualisation for your drillhole data

Thanks to the integration with our Geology Mine Planning System, you can now visualise and analyse your drillhole data alongside your 3D model in a seamless and integrated way.

Track progress of drilling by comparing survey data from the field with the planned hole in 3D. With the integration created at the project level in Central, anyone on the project team can easily look at the most recent data to make decisions while drilling is underway.

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