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Fact Sheets & FAQ

When was IMDEX listed?

IMDEX was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 24 September 1987.

What is IMDEX’s ASX Code?


Where is the Company’s Head Office?

IMDEX’s Head Office is located Perth, Western Australia at 216 Balcatta Road in Balcatta 6021. The Company has facilities in all key mining regions of the world.

Who is IMDEX’s Chief Executive Officer?

Mr. Paul House became CEO on 1 July 2020

What does the Company do?

IMDEX is a leading global Mining-Tech company. It develops drilling optimisation products and cloud-connected sensors to provide real-time rock knowledge and quality data for resource companies and drilling contractors.

The solutions are developed and offered in three broad integrated groups:

  1. Drilling Optimisation Products that reduce the cost of drilling, enhance safety and are critical drivers in improving exploration success – particularly with deeper drilling or drilling under cover;
  2. Best-in-class Rock Knowledge Sensors that deliver quality data across the four components of rock knowledge – location, grade, texture and mineralogy; and
  3. Cloud-based Software & Services to aggregate, store and distribute data to where it needs to be anywhere in the world, with a secure chain of custody.

Together IMDEX’s solutions enhance decision making and sustainable operations across the mining value chain – from the drill rig to the core shed and processing plant.

Where does IMDEX operate?

The Company operations in all key mining regions including Asia Pacific, Europe & Africa and the Americas. IMDEX has a presence on 70% of minerals drilling projects globally and sales in >100 countries.

Who are IMDEX’s clients?

The Company directly supports large resource companies and drilling contractors.

Who are the Companies competitors?

IMDEX has competitors for stand-alone products and technologies, however, the Company’s breadth of integrated solutions for the minerals industry is largely unrivalled.

What is IMDEX’s Objective and Strategy?

IMDEX is a growth company. Its principal objective is the delivery of sustainable earnings growth for shareholders. To deliver this the Company is:

  • Growing its core business in exploration and development; and
  • Pursing expansion within the larger, less cyclical production stage of the mining value chain.

IMDEX’s growth opportunities come from three key areas:

  • Disciplined and targeted R&D;
  • Strategic technology acquisitions; and
  • Collaboration with partners that support delivery of real value to the industry.

What are the key components of the Company’s investment proposition?

  • A strong financial platform and sustainable dividend policy
  • Core business outperforming market growth with leading integrated technologies
  • World-class R&D and geoscience capabilities
  • An exciting pipeline of new products
  • Ability to accelerate growth via strategic acquisitions, product development and industry collaboration
  • Enhancing less-cyclical earnings by extension into adjacent mining and production market
  • Established global presence with an extensive client network to introduce new technologies
  • Experienced leadership team
  • Opportunities to enhance the sustainability of operations for clients
  • Strong industry fundamentals underpinning growth