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People and Culture

During FY21 our global workforce increased by over 7% to 521 people, largely due to growth in software engineering and supply chain teams.


We value and encourage diversity in our global workforce. We seek to employ, retain and develop employees for the long-term, assisting in their professional development and the development of the culture and values of our Company.

Our aim is to build a diverse workforce and inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential. This strategy extends beyond legal compliance and seeks to add value by contributing to our employees’ health and well-being. IMDEX is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees.

We ensure employment decisions are made solely on the basis of merit, taking into account relevant skills, qualifications, experience and ability and without bias or prejudice.

By building and developing teams that reflect the diversity of our clients, and the local cultures we operate in, we continue to grow as a global business spread across culturally diverse regions.

Our approach to diversity is simple – we want everyone to feel welcome at IMDEX and to achieve success in what they do in an environment that values different perspectives and collaboration.

We do this by deploying inclusion initiatives that support all people to engage and collaborate without barriers, making a better workplace for everyone. In 2021, IMDEX supported our workforce on more inclusive workplace practices including:

  • Updating our remote-working policies to create more flexibility
  • Introducing paid domestic violence leave and support
  • Improving paid parental leave provisions.

Further information can be found within our Diversity Policy and Global Code of Conduct Policy on our website here.


Our IMDEX WOMEN-EQ program continues to act as a forum to share learnings and provide guidance, leadership, inspiration, empowerment, and support for the personal and professional development of all women at IMDEX. This program is currently facilitated in APAC and South Africa.


To support the health and well-being of our employees, we continue to offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

We launched a ‘Caring for the IMDEX Community’ program aligned to our mental health and wellness strategy. The program, and supporting initiatives, aim to ensure psychological safety at work; employees feel supported to bring their ‘full selves’ to work to be the best they can be and feel connected to IMDEX.

A Peer Supporter network initiative was launched to promote better understanding and awareness of mental health challenges globally.


We take a holistic view to reward, to encourage a positive cultural environment that influences the attraction and retention of employees. Programs are designed to be fair, equitable and compliant with local practices.

Pay analysis was conducted to evolve the Remuneration Framework in most locations that IMDEX operates, to enable us to review internal consistency and market competitiveness globally.

A Global Recognition Framework was developed to provide our employees with a set of tools to encourage recognition. From a simple ‘thank you’ to a special appreciation gift, the framework helps create an environment more conducive of the culture needed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Further information relating to our remuneration policies for Key Management Personnel are set out in the Remuneration Report within the FY21 Financial Report.



Further enhancements to People HUB, our human resources information system, have been launched over the course of the year. In June 2021, Succession Planning and Career Development modules were introduced to the platform to help manage career pathways for individuals, identify key talent, and mitigate risks against business-critical roles. Remuneration Reviews were launched in the platform to help guide managers with pay structures across our global locations.


During FY21 we continued to mature and expand our Global Internship Programs. The Programs offer undergraduates and new graduates the opportunity to work at one of our global facilities and provide a hands-on learning environment and practical experience, together with coaching and mentoring opportunities. The Internship Programs were run in Asia Pacific and the Americas and enrolments spanned diverse disciplines including: engineering; finance; legal; human resources; quality; and information technology.


A cultural transformation roadmap was developed in response to our global engagement survey to drive development of IMDEX’s brand proposition, vision, and values, to create greater connection for our employees. Team alignment strategies were facilitated with the Executive team to create synergy and focus on collectively driving delivery of strategic objectives.


We employ great minds to develop great solutions for our clients. Our Learning and Development (L&D) framework was launched to foster a culture of continuous learning and offer development opportunities to our people. The L&D Framework outlines development opportunities at four levels:

  1. How we align new employees to IMDEX
  2. Creating operational excellence in each function
  3. Fostering leadership growth
  4. Building strategic leadership.

Nominated IMDEX employees participated in the IMDEX ‘XSell Customer Solutions’ program aimed at developing capabilities within our global sales team. The program focused on equipping sales teams with skills to deliver value propositions and present value based IMDEX solutions to address client requirements.

As a result of the leadership capability assessment project, we designed and implemented the ‘Leading IMDEX into the Future Program (LIFT)’ focussing on:

  • Delivering a compelling vision and strategy
  • Instilling trust and fostering team performance
  • Finding a way to deliver
  • Decisive decision-making
  • Courage to challenge
  • Cultivating innovation.