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Structural Geology

Make decisions faster, with real-time data

Are you confident the structural data you are relying on for key business decisions is accurate and reliable? Have you ever had to wait days, or even weeks for results from the field before making decisions? Worse still, have you had to make a decision based on data you didn’t trust?

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IMDEX has developed the end-to-end Structural Geology solution so resource companies can benefit from real-time, secure access to verified structural data directly from the field, improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk from manual intervention.

Rapid data capture, visualisation and analysis

IMDEX’s STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution provides the quality of your ACT data in real-time, so you know the reliability of the orientation line your structural data collection relies on. Having IMDEXHUB-IQ™ central to the overall solution also saves valuable time allowing easy combination of survey data from REFLEX Survey tools and structural data from the REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™. Finally, advanced interpretation and analysis can be conducted on all your valuable structural data by using the Stereonet functionality in the ioGAS™ software.

“The REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ immediately became an integral part of our daily oriented core analysis and QA/QC procedures due to its ease of use, precision, and rapid visual feedback via dynamic stereonet analysis. It allowed us to collect literally 10x the structural data over traditional measurement systems and at a much higher quality. In my opinion, it is an essential tool for any drill based structural study.”

Terralogic Exploration, Chris Gallagher, Manager Exploration Technology