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IMDEX technologies offering improvements across the entire mining value chain

IMDEX 31/03/2020

IMDEX interview at JP Morgan Virtual Conference

IMDEX 31/03/2020

New technology to sweep away old drilling habits

IMDEX 31/03/2020

COVID-19 Update – IMDEX Response

IMDEX 17/03/2020

IMDEX focuses on the Mining Transition

IMDEX 04/03/2020

IMDEX features new technologies at PDAC 2020

IMDEX 04/03/2020

Watch XplorationTech 2020

IMDEX 26/02/2020

Free Webinar - Drilling Deeper

IMDEX 12/02/2020

IMDEX wins Australia’s Mining Monthly’s Innovation Award for the IMDEX BLAST DOG™

IMDEX 07/02/2020

Dr Dave Lawie joined Minister for Science, Industry and Technology for a round table discussion

IMDEX 11/12/2019

IMDEX buys Flexidrill for $NZ40m

IMDEX 10/12/2019

IMDEX - Winner of the WA Exporter 2019

IMDEX 03/12/2019

The sky is the limit: Bernie Ridgeway - CEO Magazine

IMDEX 26/11/2019

Paul House to become IMDEX Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 July 2020

IMDEX 25/11/2019

Vince Connelly MP visited IMDEX’s Balcatta office

IMDEX 20/11/2019

IMDEX brings home Mining Journal’s METS Company of the Year

IMDEX 04/10/2019

Readying for next phase of tech take-up

IMDEX 01/10/2019

IMDEX Xploration Tech Symposium 2020 - Programme out now!

IMDEX 17/09/2019

The future of exploration

IMDEX 16/09/2019

Product support anywhere, any time

IMDEX 06/08/2019

Digital tools keep safety ‘front of mind’ for all employees at imdex

IMDEX 02/05/2019

30 years of METS sector transformation: Exploration

IMDEX 16/04/2019

Seamless ioGAS integration just the start for Micromine 2020

IMDEX 13/03/2019

IMDEX shortlisted for Future of Mining Awards – Innovation Category

IMDEX 28/02/2019

Watch #XplorationTech 2019

IMDEX 11/02/2019

Free Webinar – Drillhole Planning

IMDEX 19/12/2018

Join IMDEX for FREE workshops at PDAC 2019!

IMDEX 18/12/2018

IMDEX & CSA Global Xploration Technology Symposium

IMDEX 16/12/2018

Inmarsat to provide connectivity for IMDEX drilling intelligence solution

IMDEX 12/12/2018

IMDEX Welcomes Shaun Southwell – Vice President, Asia Pacific

IMDEX 28/11/2018

Seequent and IMDEX to deliver real-time 3D visualisation for minerals drilling projects

IMDEX 07/11/2018

Sorting the Signal from the Noise – Chile Explore Conference 2018

IMDEX 18/10/2018

IMDEX integrates REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ with MICROMINE Geobank products

REFLEX 27/07/2018

IMDEX facilitates revolutionary CT Rig

IMDEX 27/07/2018

IMDEX launches new In-Field Geoanalysis solution and solves historical industry challenge

REFLEX 20/06/2018

Sorting the Signal from the Noise

IMDEX 19/03/2018

New GIM Suite and ioGAS connection for quicker analysis

IMDEX 07/03/2018

Near-Real Time Dynamic Soil Sampling Programs

REFLEX 07/03/2018

IMDEX Support™

IMDEX 07/03/2018

IMDEX recognised as a key mining tech player to watch in 2018

IMDEX 07/03/2018


AMC 07/03/2018

IMDEX Recognised as a Must See Booth at 2018 PDAC Conference

IMDEX 02/03/2018

How the IoT is affecting exploration mining - a Q&A with Michelle Carey

IMDEX 08/12/2017

IMDEX Appoints Program Manager to Drive Digital Transformation

IMDEX 08/11/2017

Double Win for IMDEX at WA Industry & Export Awards

IMDEX 02/11/2017

METS company IMDEX unveils new branding & solutions focus

IMDEX 10/10/2017

AUSTMINE’s Innovation Starts at Exploration Webinar

REFLEX 28/09/2017

New partnership between acQuire and REFLEX brings benefits beyond the surface

REFLEX 27/09/2017

Exploring by Remote

REFLEX 20/09/2017

Scarborough Geothermal Project

AMC 12/09/2017

Maximising drilling fluid performance in HDD

AMC 12/09/2017

Introducing AMC BOS FIX™

AMC 16/08/2017

Proactive measures for the borehole

AMC 01/08/2017

REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ is in Demand

REFLEX 07/07/2017

METS investment on the agenda for IMDEX

IMDEX 03/07/2017

New Structural Geology and Core Orientation Community Website

REFLEX 12/06/2017

Reactive versus proactive drilling: introducing the AMC BOS™

AMC 29/05/2017

Redefining Drill Core Data Analysis

REFLEX 19/05/2017

IMDEX tops METS risers

IMDEX 21/04/2017