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IMDEX is a leading global Mining-Tech company that enables drilling contractors and resource companies to find, mine and define orebodies with precision and at speed.

Our product offering includes a broad range of drilling optimisation products, rock knowledge sensors and real-time data and analytics. This product offering is commodity agnostic and can be applied across the mining value chain.

We have two market leading brands, AMC and REFLEX. Increasingly we are working with clients to provide integrated IMDEX solutions that unlock real-value and provide critical insights.

Our Product Offering

Our Integrated Solutions

Rock Knowledge & Quality Data

The Four Components of Rock Knowledge

Every mine in the world makes decisions on the four components of rock knowledge - location, texture, grade and mineralogy. Our technology stack currently addresses three of these components and aiSIRIS satisfies the fourth - mineralogy.


Our Established Global Business

Our global presence is unrivalled. This presence provides a compelling opportunity to embed real value for clients and maximise revenue and earnings for IMDEX.

During FY21 we supported clients in more than 100 countries. We have 22 IMDEX facilities, together with warehouses and calibration centres in key mining regions of the world. Our Head Office is located in Balcatta, Western Australia.

Our Clients and Business Partners

Our long-standing client base includes large drilling contractors and tier-1 resource companies within the global minerals industry.

We are creating a collaborative ecosystem, where we partner with all clients to optimise orebodies.