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Mining Technology

Achieve better blast outcomes using Rock Knowledge

The industry is facing an ongoing challenge to continually improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Ore grades are decreasing and becoming harder to find and recover, due to a lack of total deposit knowledge.

IMDEX enables precision mining by providing the most accurate and spatially dense model that has ever existed. IMDEX can help unlock the potential of your operation, utilising total deposit knowledge to guide the blast design, optimise blast outcomes and enhancing downstream processes.

The portfolio of mining technology solutions developed by IMDEX are transforming the way the industry undertakes drill and blast by utilising digital and automated technologies. This includes:

  • Utilising the latest in best in breed gyro technologies
  • Stabilising the walls of the hole using the IMDEX BHS™
  • Obtaining Rock Knowledge using the Internet of Geosensing™ (IoG™) to optimise your blast in open pit and underground using the IMDEX BLAST DOG™.

IMDEX End to End Solutions


New technologies

Blast hole stabilisation - IMDEX BHS™ for open pit and underground

Knowing that holes have been drilled to plan is a critical component to the blasting process in both Underground and Open Pit Operations. IMDEX has developed IMDEX BHS™ - a drilling fluid and delivery method for Drill and Blast. This preventative drilling medium reduces hole degradation, cave-ins and exposure to fracturing for explosive material.

In trials IMDEX BHS™ has reduced re-drills by up to 80%, provided consistent gauge holes, and ensured more effective blasting.

Total drilling costs reduced by 34%

Best in breed gyro technologies for underground mining

With over 30 years of expertise and market-leading gyro technologies, IMDEX has been the best placed to develop pioneering gyro instruments for underground mining.This includes a rapid and highly-accurate north-seeking all-attitude gyro which provides continuous measurement for reliable full hole deviation data.

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Material mapping for optimised blasting - IMDEX BLAST DOG™

IMDEX has developed the BLAST DOG™, an autonomous system for multi-parameter measurement of blast holes, which allows automated spatial domaining of material characteristics and fracturing in ore and waste.

IMDEX BLAST DOG™ provides higher resolution data to enable better blast outcomes through more consistent fragmentation, lowering the amount of vibration, dust and fumes and improving safety. All resulting in massive down streams improvements in increased productivity, maximising mill efficiency and improved waste management.