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AMC redefines the way drilling fluids, equipment, technologies and software are used to optimise drilling programs – it strives to maximise productivity while enhancing safety and sustainability. AMC also has a strong presence within the horizontal directional drilling, waterwell and civil construction sectors.

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REFLEX is a leading IMDEX brand renowned for its real-time subsurface intelligence solutions for the global minerals industry. The brand’s technologies include downhole instrumentation, data management and analytical software for geological modelling.  These market leading technologies – recognised for their ease of use and accuracy – are completed by unrivalled expertise in geo-scientific data analysis and interpretation.

REFLEX’s latest technologies can be connected to IMDEXHUB-IQ™ – an award winning cloud-based web portal that collects, stores and provides critical operational data. This data is protected through a validated chain of custody and secure database and can be accessed from any internet connection to smart phone, tablet or PC.

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