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Growth Strategy

IMDEX has a clear strategy to achieve sustainable earnings growth, which includes:

  • Growing its core business in exploration and development; and
  • Expansion within mining production phase, which is a less-cyclical larger market.

To deliver this growth strategy the Company invests in: complementary acquisitions; ongoing and targeted R&D to maintain technical leadership; and industry collaboration to optimise orebodies and deliver end-to-end solutions.

IMDEX’s strong financial position, world-class R&D capabilities, established global presence and strong leadership team, support its ongoing success for shareholders.


  • Protecting our people
  • Protecting the continuity of our business to support clients
  • Increased R&D for connected sensors and software solutions to accelerate growth and build scale
  • Joint development agreements to engage with resource companies and drilling clients for new product development and delivery
  • Key account management to embed value for clients and enhance IMDEX solution selling
  • Digital transformation 2.0 to further streamline costs and enhance client experience