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Inside story of the $334m Devico deal IMDEX nearly lost

News 03/03/2023

We're looking forward to Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2023

News 10/02/2023

IMDEX in binding agreement to acquire Devico in $300m+ mining-tech tie-up

News 06/02/2023

In search of geoscientists for a changing mining sector

News 12/01/2023

Microsoft executive joins IMDEX board

News 12/01/2023

XplorationTech 2023 - TICKETS ON SALE!

News / Videos 08/11/2022

Deal on BLAST DOG caps off record year for IMDEX

News 17/08/2022

IMDEX revenue up as global rig use snapshot reveals strong activity

News 05/05/2022

Imdex CEO Paul House discusses drivers behind the company's 1H22 performance with Finance News Network

News 03/03/2022

IMDEX delivers record half-year results

News 03/03/2022

Precision the target as exploration surges

News 03/03/2022

Hi-tech devices take IMDEX experts global

News 02/12/2021

Mining tech heads for the stars as IMDEX backs lunar rover project

News 02/12/2021

IMDEX boosts rock knowledge strength with $5.5m Datarock deal

News 23/11/2021

Critical minerals and the road to success

News 23/11/2021

Safe, efficient mines are sustainable mines: IMDEX

News 08/10/2021

IMDEX boosts the power of data with "gold standard" integration

News 03/08/2021

Survey IQ on the frontline for drillers

News 21/07/2021

Mining must find its voice to attract future workers

News 24/06/2021

A decarbonised world needs mining

News 21/05/2021

Gold standard protection for mining data

News 30/04/2021

IMDEX CEO, Paul House discusses the company’s differentiated business model compared to traditional mining services businesses with Montgomery portfolio manager, Dominic Rose

News 23/03/2021

Mining's Structural Shift

News 03/03/2021

Don't be time poor in the exploration rush

News 17/02/2021