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IMDEX Shortlisted in METS Excellence Award

News 06/04/2020

IMDEX technologies offering improvements across the entire mining value chain

News 31/03/2020

IMDEX interview at JP Morgan Virtual Conference

News 31/03/2020

New technology to sweep away old drilling habits

News 31/03/2020

COVID-19 Update – IMDEX Response

News 31/03/2020

Drilling Deeper: Strategies and technologies to stay on target and not blow your budget

Videos / Webinars 18/03/2020

IMDEX features new technologies at PDAC 2020

News 04/03/2020


Videos 01/03/2020

IMDEX focuses on the Mining Transition

News 26/02/2020

Watch XplorationTech 2020

News / Videos 26/02/2020

What’s New in ioGAS™ 7.2 – Webinar with Dave Lawie

Videos / Webinars 12/02/2020

IMDEX wins Australia’s Mining Monthly’s Innovation Award for the IMDEX BLAST DOG™

News 07/02/2020

IMDEX Xploration Tech Symposium 2020 - Highlights Reel

Videos 17/01/2020

DRILLHAX - What are the primary functions of a drilling fluid?

Videos / Vlogs 15/01/2020


Videos 25/12/2019

Dr Dave Lawie joined Minister for Science, Industry and Technology for a round table discussion

News 11/12/2019

IMDEX Downhole Navigation Solution

Videos 11/12/2019

DRILL HAX - What are the biggest issues with using Drilling Fluids?

Vlogs 11/12/2019

New Drilling Optimisation Technologies - IMDEX COREVIBE™ & IMDEX XTRACTA™

Videos 11/12/2019

DRILL HAX - What is the biggest misconception about Drilling Fluids?

Vlogs 10/12/2019

IMDEX buys Flexidrill for $40m

News 10/12/2019

IMDEX - Winner of the WA Exporter 2019

News 03/12/2019

The sky is the limit: Bernie Ridgeway - CEO Magazine

News 26/11/2019

Paul House to become IMDEX Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 July 2020

News 25/11/2019