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Style Guide

The IMDEX Brand Guidelines provide a structured approach to how the IMDEX brand is represented across all touchpoints, from marketing materials and digital assets, to our hardware and software, uniforms, office signage and more.

Email signatures

Consistency is critical across all forms of communication, from posters and brochures to the most common form of all - company emails. For that reason we now only showcase the IMDEX logo to match our IMDEX email address. Please make sure you are using the approved email signature format.

To update your email signature, full instructions and your correct regional template can be found on the Intranet. Other languages can be found here


Please review the materials available to you and ensure you understand what this refreshed brand means for IMDEX and you. You can:
1. Watch our new brand videos (above)
2. Read the Style Guide
3. Upload your new email signature
4. Download all our new templates from Sharepoint and start using