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METS company IMDEX unveils new branding & solutions focus


IMDEX Limited (ASX: IMD) (“IMDEX” or the “company”), a leading mining equipment, technology and services (METS) provider to the global minerals industry, today announces the launch of its new branding, which includes the corporate logo and IMDEX’s leading brands AMC and REFLEX.

Commenting on the rebrand, Managing Director Bernie Ridgeway said:

“We are excited to officially unveil our new branding. Over the past 3 – 4 years we have been successfully repositioning ourselves as a technology company, with a vision of being the leading provider of real-time subsurface intelligence solutions to the global minerals industry.

“This transformation commenced with the acquisition of ioGlobal and our ability to connect our market leading technologies with IMDEXHUB-IQ™ (cloud-based software formerly branded as REFLEXHUB-IQ™) to provide secure accurate data in real-time or near real-time, between the field and the office.

“The rebrand was undertaken to align our corporate branding with our company’s vision and focus on IMDEX’s solutions sets.”

IMDEX now delivers a range of end-to-end solutions to the global minerals industry and targeted non-mining applications. These solutions integrate AMC and REFLEX technologies and include: Drilling Optimisation; Downhole Navigation; Structural Geology; In-Field Geoanalysis; and Driller Operable Geophysics.

As an example of this integrated approach, IMDEX’s Drilling Optimisation solution combines the: REFLEX TN14 GYROCOMPASS™; REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™; and IMDEXHUB-IQ™; together with AMC’s range of innovative drilling fluids and equipment including AMC Solids Removal Units™ and the brand’s new AMC BOS™ and AMC’s SRU (Solids Removal Units) technologies.

Today the company is launching its latest technological innovation to the Drilling Optimisation suite with the AMC MUD AID™ (automated in-field diagnosis). The AMC MUD AID is a remotely monitored, in-field mud testing unit, designed to optimise and automate fluid management – 24/7. The unit guides drillers to complete drilling fluid programs, without the need for a dedicated drilling fluid engineer on site and is integrated with IMDEXHUB-IQ™ for complete visibility across the operation.

The company’s Drilling Optimisation solution aims to redefine the way drilling fluids, equipment, technology and software are used, to ensure execution of drilling programs are to specification, on time, within budget and safely. Clients also benefit from the operational efficiencies achieved by working with one trusted provider.

Mr Ridgeway added:

“IMDEXHUB-IQ™, which is central to all of our IMDEX solution sets, provides us with a significant advantage. We are able to let drillers and resource companies know what is going on below the ground as accurately and quickly as possible – while the drill rig is still on site. It is this intelligence that enhances the efficiency and profitability of their operations at all stages of exploration, development and mining.”

IMDEX’s new branding is being implemented globally. Today’s launch was timed to coincide with the company’s Annual General Meeting on 19 October 2017 and a number of key industry events in South America and Australia including the ADIA’s Drill 2017 held on 11 and 12 October, where IMDEX is showcasing its latest products and technologies including the AMC BOS™, AMC MUD AID™ and REFLEX ACT 3.5™.

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We are a global mining equipment, technology and services – or METS – company. Our IMDEX solution sets improve the process of identifying and extracting what is below the earth’s surface for drilling contractors and resource companies – we let clients know where it is and what it is, now.

Our company delivers these solution sets, which include: Drilling Optimisation; Downhole Navigation; Structural Geology; In-Field Geoanalysis; and Driller Operable Geophysics, to the global minerals industry and targeted non-mining applications via our leading REFLEX and AMC brands.

AMC redefines the way drilling fluids, equipment, technologies and software are used to optimise drilling programs – AMC strives to maximise productivity while enhancing safety and sustainability for clients. AMC has a strong presence within the global minerals, horizontal directional drilling, waterwell and civil construction sectors. For more information, visit

REFLEX is a leading IMDEX brand renowned for its real-time sub-surface intelligence solutions for the global minerals industry. The brand’s technologies include downhole instrumentation, data management and analytical software for geological modelling. These market leading technologies – recognised for their ease of use and accuracy – are completed by unrivalled expertise in geo-scientific data analysis and interpretation.

REFLEX’s latest technologies can be connected to IMDEXHUB-IQTM – an award winning cloud-based web portal that collects, stores and provides critical operational data. This data is protected through a validated chain of custody and secure database and can be accessed from any internet connection to smart phone, tablet or PC. For further information about REFLEX technologies and solutions visit

Together, our products and technologies assist clients to reduce their costs and increase their productivity by providing end-to-end solutions across the full mining life cycle. Our vision is to be the leading provider of real-time subsurface intelligence solutions for the global minerals industry.

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