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IMDEX wins Australia’s Mining Monthly’s Innovation Award for the IMDEX BLAST DOG™


Developed by IMDEX and as part of their IMDEX Mining Technology portfolio, the IMDEX BLAST DOG™ is a semi-autonomous system that helps optimise blasting based on high-resolution three-dimensional material models built from sensor data.

IMDEX’s Chief Geoscientist, Dr Dave Lawie explains, “IMDEX Mining Technology’s BLAST DOG™ comprises a semi-autonomously deployed system for logging material properties and blast hole characteristics at high spatial density across the bench and mine. These properties are domained and supplied automatically to blasting systems able to create complex blast profiles to achieve specific optimised outcomes related to particle size distribution, noise, dust and fly rock minimisation and heave.” These outcomes will also significantly impact downstream processes.

Further, Dave says, “We are putting geoscience into blasting via the ioG, the Internet of Geosensing, by measuring what’s important.”