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IMDEX technologies offering improvements across the entire mining value chain


Leading global mining-tech company IMDEX is leveraging developments in communications, data storage and cloud technology to provide the mining industry with applications that can fundamentally improve their operations.

IMDEX General Manager, Product Development, Dr Michelle Carey and Principal Geoscientist – North America, Gervais Perron said its technologies offered improvements across the entire mining value chain.

Dr Carey and Mr Perron used a workshop at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention in Toronto in March to focus on real-time decision making in exploration.

“Our technologies are based on increasing rock knowledge by providing trusted data in real-time, to allow clients to make the right decisions at the lowest cost possible,” Dr Carey said.

“That is achieved by enabling clients to drill faster and smarter, receiving accurate subsurface data, having our tools linked to the cloud, and by using the power of the Internet of Geosensors (IoG).

“IMDEX is working across the mining value chain in order to change the equation.

“What if your team test more targets and/or decrease the time it takes to define a resource?

“Would that be a game changer?”

IMDEXHUB-IQ is at the centre of the company’s solutions — from navigation to driller operable geophysics and enables the efficient transfer of data from the field to the office.

“Drilling data is the primary source of information used to inform the major investment decisions made by a resource company,” Mr Perronsaid.

“In our opinion, this needs to be done right, from the beginning. Not doing so, can lead to misunderstandings that can have major repercussions down the road.

“The technology is available. Real time data enables better, faster and more confident decisions to be made

“At IMDEX, our vision is that all our geoscience sensors we put out there are connected to the cloud for easy and fast access, anywhere, anytime.”