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IMDEX Shortlisted in METS Excellence Award


IMDEX has been shortlisted in the METS Company of the Year category of the prestigious Mining Journal Awards for 2020.

The Mining Journal is a leading publication for the global mining industry and provides the only international award recognising genuine innovation in the industry.

The METS award category — in which IMDEX’s METS Ignited project partner Orica is also nominated — is one of 16 categories including innovation, gender diversity, sustainability and new technology.

Teck Resources and Anglo-American — also partners with IMDEX in a METS Ignited collaborative project — have been nominated in the innovation category.

In its award submission, IMDEX highlighted recent innovations, including Drilling Productivity technologies IMDEX COREVIBE™, IMDEX XTRACTA™ and IMDEX MAGHAMMERTM, together with its IMDEX BLASTDOGTM technology, for Drill & Blast applications.

IMDEX COREVIBE™, IMDEX XTRACTA™ and IMDEX MAGHAMMERTM have the capacity to revolutionise drilling and offer substantial productivity and safety improvements.

While IMDEX BLASTDOGTM is yet to be released to the market, it has already won an innovation award, from Australian Mining Monthly Magazine.

Using IMDEX BLASTDOGTM, data is supplied automatically via IMDEXHUB-IQTM to enable optimised blasting outcomes based on high-resolution 3D material models and material tracking in the pit.

Benefits for clients include: predictable fragmentation of blasted ground; controlled vibration, dust, fumes and heave; increased processing intensity (greater throughput at the processing plant); and enhanced productivity for resource companies.

It is being developed for application and adoption with partners Orica, Teck Resources and Anglo American.

IMDEX’s leading connected technologies, strong IP protection and integrated solutions provide it with a significant competitive advantage.

The company continually invests in R&D to enhance its technology leadership for clients and has played a key role in technology innovation for the global minerals industry including: the first digital survey tool in the late 1990s to replace analogue tools; and development of digital magnetic-based tools including the REFLEX EZ-TRAC™.

IMDEX’s technology portfolio includes:

  • Drilling productivity and rig alignment technologies
  • Automated and remote drilling fluid testing technologies
  • Data collection and paperless reporting software
  • Secure cloud-based services
  • Real-time subsurface visualisation
  • Interpretive software – geological data
  • Downhole survey sensors
  • Core orientation and gamma logging technologies
  • In-field sampling and analysis technologies

The Mining Journal Awards winners will be announced in late June.