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IMDEX integrates REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ with MICROMINE Geobank products


IMDEX, a leading mining equipment, technology and services (METS) provider to the global minerals industry, today announces the integration of its REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ with MICROMINE’s suite of Geobank products.

IMDEX’s REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ is a handheld structural logging device, which can be simply rolled along the orientation line on diamond core. The user-friendly device automatically records depth and structural measurements at the press of a button.

The IMDEX solution significantly reduces time required for logging and the digital transfer of structural measurements provides a reliable audit trail. In-built data verification capabilities and Stereonet projections also ensure orientations are accurate and reliable.

MICROMINE’s Geobank software products are leading geological data management solutions.  These solutions help mining and exploration companies maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data.

The integration of IMDEX’s REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ and MICROMINE’s Geobank products will simplify and optimise the collection of geological data. It also means users will have the ability to analyse their logging data in near real-time even in areas with poor connectivity.

Michelle Carey, IMDEX General Manager – Product Development, said:

“The seamless integration of REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ data collection with the logging workflow within Geobank mobile will benefit clients – providing them with accurate geological data on-site, in near real-time, to make timely decisions.”