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IMDEX launches new In-Field Geoanalysis solution and solves historical industry challenge


IMDEX Limited (“IMDEX” or the “company”), a leading mining equipment, technology and services (METS) provider to the global minerals industry, today announces the launch of its In-Field Geoanalysis solution at the Resources for Future Generations Conference 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, 16 – 21 June 2018.

 Making an informed decision in the minerals discovery process requires reliable information about the geology, including hidden sub-surface information. Reliable geochemical data is a critical component of this.  IMDEX’s new In-Field Geoanalysis solution –  a complete portable sample preparation and analysis system – provides this data and enables geologists to make informed decisions on site and in near real-time. 

Commenting on this complete end-to-end solution for rapid sample preparation and near real-time analysis, Global Product Manager – Geosciences, James Cleverley said:

“We are excited to officially unveil this unique solution, as it supports geoscientists in making timely informed decisions.

“As a geoscientist running a drilling or sampling program you can be up and running with your own on-site lab, producing consistent and quality samples, managing the analysis and quality control and having confidence the data you are viewing is accurate and repeatable, all in 20 minutes. The key is the preparation of quality samples – it is not just pointing and shooting at rocks.”

Cleverley added that IMDEX’s In-Field Geoanalysis solution addresses a historical industry challenge, that is, the protracted exploration lifecycle from sample collection to receipt of information to make critical decisions regarding drilling or sampling programs. 

Typically a sample is collected and transported to an off-site laboratory for preparation and analysis. Resulting data is then interpreted and used to either validate or update a geological model. Based on this model, informed decisions can then be made – for example drill another hole, change the sampling strategy, or move to the next target.

Depending on the style and stage of the program, this cycle can take three months or more, which often results in decisions being made without having all of the necessary data available.

In Cleverley’s view this lifecycle is too long and the risks and associated costs are too high.

“Imagine finding an error in the data collection process or drilling in the wrong place because of an incomplete geological model?”

IMDEX’s Global Manager Integrated Solution, Michelle Carey, says the key benefit for clients is timely access to accurate data, which subsequently reduces the total cost of the exploration project.

“It supports the geoscientist’s decision process and gives them more time to act on that decision, removing the burden of assay logistics, time delays and data administration. It is another way IMDEX is striving to reduce the costs and increase the efficiencies of our clients’ operations.”

IMDEX now delivers a range of end-to-end solutions to the global minerals industry and targeted non-mining applications. These solutions integrate products and technologies from leading brands AMC and REFLEX and include: Drilling Optimisation; Downhole Navigation; Structural Geology; Driller Operable Geophysics; and In-Field Geoanalysis.

The company’s latest solution combines: the REFLEX Crusher™  and REFLEX MILL™– a portable sample preparation system; the REFLEX Press™ – an innovative sample press and die that produces a high quality and consistent sample; and the REFLEX XRF™ – a hardware/ software solution that delivers controlled assay workflows, QA/QC, together with data management.  These technologies seamlessly integrate with IMDEXHUB-IQ™ – award winning cloud-based software and IMDEX ioGAS™ – the leading exploratory data analytics software for the detection of anomalies and relationships in geoscience data.

The REFLEX CRUSHER™ is used to crush a coarse sample taken directly from the drill or field site. The sample is then milled into a fine powder using the REFLEX MILL™ and compacted into a homogenous, dense, flat puck using the REFLEX PRESS™. This produces a consistent, representative, quality sample that is analysed using the REFLEX XRF™ and Connect software. With real-time data and a secure chain of custody, IMDEXHUB-IQ™ seamlessly captures geoscientific data – including detailed petrophysical and geochemical analysis – which can be exported to IMDEX ioGAS™ further analysis and modelling.

The complete solution arrives on site in six pelican cases and can be setup in 15 – 20 minutes.  Clients then have a full processing system where they need it, which can deliver approximately 100 samples per day.

 “Just imagine relaxing with a cup of tea, while analysing today’s data and making an informed decision about the next day’s work program, changes to the soil sampling program, or reliably directing the driller where to drill next.  The result is dynamic intelligent sampling, smarter drilling and a quicker return on expenditure”, says Cleverley.

Cleverley will be discussing IMDEX’s In-Field Geoanalysis solution in his presentation entitled Beyond ‘point and shoot’: Next generation in- field assaying at the Resources for Future Generations Conference on 17 June 2018.  The company’s Chief Geoscientist & Chief Technologies Mining Solutions, Dave Lawie, is also a keynote speaker at the conference and will present Analytics in the Geosciences: Sorting the Signal from the Noise.