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Dr Dave Lawie joined Minister for Science, Industry and Technology for a round table discussion


We were pleased to be invited to a round table discussion with Minister for Science, Industry and Technology, the Hon. Karen Andrews MP. IMDEX Chief Geoscientist, Dr Dave Lawie, together with industry METS leaders, shared their insights on how technologies are enhancing the global competitiveness of Australia’s mining industry. “Australia has a great opportunity to take on a global leadership role in the METS sector,” said Dr Dave Lawie. “It will help the country to generate substantial new growth opportunities in terms of export revenue, and provide an expansion in Australia’s overall industrial and technology-led capability to benefit the community as a whole. There is a great opportunity for the mining technology industry to lift its profile and educate investors and future talented employees.”

Dr Dave also said, “Marketing messages such as ‘everything is mined or grown’ no longer cut through. The mining technology industry needs to focus more on communicating and illustrating the benefits it brings to the community. In a context where even the term ‘automation’ is generally viewed with caution, this is quite a challenge, and requires an industry-wide and coordinated approach."