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Global Workforce

During FY20 our global workforce decreased by 5% to 485 people, largely due to our focus on streamlining operations and our internal digital transformation.




Diversity & Equality

We value and encourage diversity in our global workforce. We seek to employ, retain and develop employees for the long-term, assisting in their professional development and the development of the culture and values of our Company.

Our aim is to build a diverse workforce and inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential. This strategy extends beyond legal compliance and seeks to add value by contributing to our employees’ health and well-being.

IMDEX is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees. We ensure employment decisions are made solely on the basis of merit, taking into account relevant skills, qualifications, experience and ability and without bias or prejudice.

Further information can be found within our Diversity Policy and Global Code of Conduct Policy.


In October 2020, members of our management team established IMDEXWOMEN-EQ. The aim of the forum is to share learnings and provide guidance, leadership, inspiration, empowerment and support for the personal and professional development of all women at IMDEX. The forum recognises that everyone has diverse skills, experiences, strengths, challenges and aspirations. Sharing these attributes in a supportive environment can be highly valuable for personal development and the growth of others.

Employee Assistance Program

To support the health and well-being of our employees, we continue to offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP is provided by Lifeworks, a global and independent organisation that specialises in coaching and counselling services.

The confidential EAP is available 24/7 and is free for all IMDEX employees and their immediate families.


Market evaluation of base salaries is conducted regularly to ensure our Company remains competitive and is able to effectively achieve our corporate strategic objectives. Evaluations arebased on external market data and advice from third party consultants in each region. Consistent with best practice, base salary ranges are determined by a target market position set by business strategy.

Salary banding is used to ensure consistent salary rates and to simplify remuneration decisions within similar roles across our Company. Roles are grouped into bands and levels based on the job scope, accountability and responsibilities. Further information can be found in the Levels of Work Standard (GRHR-STA-03-02).

An individual’s base salary within the recommended range is influenced by a number of factors including:

  • Relevant experience at the level of the role
  • Consistency and level of previous performance
  • Alignment with company values
  • Business criticality of the role
  • Relative scarcity or availability of required skills in the market.

Independent remuneration consultants are also engaged to assist with remuneration/reward design and strategy.

Further information relating to our remuneration policies for the Board and Executive Leadership Team are set out in the Remuneration Report within the FY20 Financial Report. For 4Q20 Board members, the Executive Leadership Team and all employees accepted new arrangements in response to COVID-19.


As part of our annual calendar of activities, the Remuneration and Nomination Committee monitors shareholder and proxy advisor sentiment towards remuneration practices. Shareholder views and their proxies are taken into account when reviewing remuneration policy setting each year, including variable pay design and ensuring appropriate alignment with contemporary market practices. The annual Remuneration Report disclosure provides a detailed narrative for stakeholders to understand the outcomes of the annual review of our Company’s remuneration programs strategy, emoluments and what outcomes were realised for the period.


Our Company complies with legislation in all localities it operates in. Part-time employees are not excluded from any of the full-time employee benefits including life insurance, health care, disability and invalidity coverage, retirement provision, stock ownership and parental leave. In jurisdictions where casual employees exist, they do not receive parentalleave.


Further enhancements to People HUB, our human resources information system, were implemented over the course of the year. In October 2019, the Achievement and Development Reviews were introduced to the platform to help us efficiently performance manage our diverse teams. In July 2020, leave management was also implemented for USA and Canada. Further modules have been planned, including succession, development,compensation, recruitment and onboarding.


During FY20 we continued our Global Internship Program. The Program offered undergraduates and new graduates the opportunity to work at one of our global facilities and provided a hands-on learning environment and practical experience, together with coaching and mentoring opportunities. The Internship Program was run in Asia Pacific and the Americas and enrolments spanned diverse disciplines including: engineering; geology, procurement; finance; legal; human resources; and information technology.


In February 2020 we conducted an employee engagement survey to ensure our culture supports our strategy. We had excellent participation with an 81% response rate globally.

Based on the survey results our strengths included:

  • Positive supervisor relationships with team members
  • Direct line managers creating trusting and open environments
  • Safety in the workplace
  • A commitment to quality work

Areas to focus on included:

  • Communication of our mission and strategy to ensure alignment for all team members
  • A review of our values and behaviours to create greater connection for our employees
  • Design and implementation of a recognition program to ensure our employees continue to feel valued
  • Supporting the execution of our Learning and Development framework to allow our employees to be their best at IMDEX.


Throughout May 2020, managers reviewed 482 employees utilising tailored functional competency assessment matrices. All employees were assessed against a 5-point rating scale (unskilled, developing, competent, highly proficient and mastery) for each capability. These assessments have formulated the design of a customised learning and development framework for opportunities including:

  • How we align new employees to our company
  • Creating operational excellence in each function
  • Fostering leadership growth
  • Building strategic leadership

In June 2020, we launched our IMDEX leadership capability assessment process and 60 leaders globally were assessed against 14 leadership specific competencies based on Korn Ferry research.

During FY21 a global leadership development plan will be designed based on this assessment.