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2020 Annual Report

A leading global Mining-Tech Company

Changing the minerals industry forever.


  • Strong financial position with improvementin recurring revenue and cash flow fromoperations
  • Outperforming minerals industry marketgrowth with leading patent protectedtechnologies
  • Ability to drive growth via strategicacquisitions, ongoing disciplined productdevelopment and industry collaboration
  • Committed to a sustainable dividendpolicy while continuing to invest in newtechnologies that have the potential todeliver earnings growth for shareholders
  • Compelling opportunities to grow thebusiness via product and market extensionacross the whole mining value chain
  • World-class R&D capabilities andan exciting pipeline of technologydevelopments
  • Established global company with theability to leverage extensive client network
  • Strong leadership team with a successfultrack record of developing andcommercialising technologies
  • Opportunities to enhance the sustainabilityof operations for clients globally
  • Strong minerals industry fundamentalsunderpinning growth – clients areembracing innovation and newtechnologies to lower costs, increasesafety and achieve greater productivity

FY20 Annual General Meeting

Members of our Board and Executive Leadership Team will be available to discuss the Company’s performance, operations and technologies.

15 October, 2020 at 11:00 am (AWST)

IMDEX Head Office
216 Balcatta Road
Balcatta WA 6021

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About this Report

This report is intended to provide IMDEX’s stakeholders with information about our company, for the financial year ended 30 June 2020.

All reference to dollars within this report are Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated.

Our Corporate Governance Statement discloses the extent to which IMDEX has complied with the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council’s ‘Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations – 3rd edition’.