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Objective and Growth Strategy

We maintain our clear objective of delivering sustainable earnings growth for shareholders via a two-tiered strategy, which includes:

  • Growing our core business by enhancing technical leadership, technical integration and increasing share of client spend; and
  • Further extension into larger adjacent mining market to enhance our non-cyclical revenue.

At the same time, we are focused on growing our business from a solid base by controlling our costs, maintaining professional vigilance and leveraging our digital transformation.

Key elements of this strategy include: maintaining our technical leadership; enhancing our client relationships; and driving operational excellence.

Maintain technical leadership

  • Next generation core products
  • Rapid-response frontline innovation
  • New technologies – including drilling productivity and mining technologies for Drill & Blast applications

Enhance client relationships 

  • Integrated IMDEX solutions – AMC & REFLEX
  • Client help desk and service centre
  • Training – IMDEX Academy
  • Enhance strategic partnerships
  • Implement key account management

Drive operational excellence 

  • Enhance safety performance
  • One IMDEX
  • Digital transformation
  • Engage, develop and retain talented people
  • Streamline distribution and supply chain