IMDEX Limited

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2019 Highlights

Record Revenue

$243.7 m

up 12% on FY18 ($218.5m)


$52.3 m

up 23% on FY18 ($42.4m)

A fully-franked final dividend of 1.4 cents per share

Strengthened quality of rental fleet

Invested in ongoing core R&D – 43% of applicable instruments are cloud-enabled, up 25% on FY18

On track to commercialise new drilling productivity and Drill & Blast technologies in 2H20 – achieved first COREVIBE™ units on rent in 1Q20

Robust balance sheet with a strong net cash position – up 194%

Key Data as at 30 June

FY 2019 FY 2018
Revenue 243.7m 218.5m
EBITDA 52.3m 42.4m
EBITDA margin % 21% 19%
NPAT 27.6m 21.1m
EPS (cents) 7.4 5.7
Operating Cash Flow 35.2m 15.9m
Net Assets 220.0m 186.1m
Net Cash 23.2m 7.9m
Market Capitalisation 494.4m 458.4m
Shares on Issue 378.8m 369.7m
LTIFR (per million hours worked) 2.52 2.57
Number of Employees 511 529
Banking Institutions Bankwest Bankwest
Legal Advisors Hopgoodganim Hopgoodganim
Auditors Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Share Registry Computershare Computershare