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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

During FY18 we significantly improved our safety performance and successfully increased safety awareness in our company.

We achieved a Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of 2.57, which represents a 20% improvement on the previous year. This is an excellent result given the diverse and often remote, areas, in which we operate.

Safety initiatives implemented during FY18 included:

  •  Increased communication regarding safety – supported by the Board and leadership team;
  • Continued monthly employee safety meetings;
  • Promotion of lead indicators including hazard, near-miss and success alerts;
  • An iAuditor trial – an online safety management tool that includes digital forms, journey plans and safety inspections;
  • Completed HSE Operational Controls Audits globally; and
  • Incorporated additional safety measures in our employee performance and reward system.

During FY19 we will continue to focus on enhancing our employee safety behaviours and safety culture as an organisation. Our LTIFR target for FY19 is 2.18 – a 15% improvement on the previous year and our ultimate goal is zero harm. To achieve this, additional initiatives will include:

  • Introducing iAuditor to all IMDEX employees globally; and
  • Implementing a learning management system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our safety training methods.

During FY18 we implemented improvements to our quality management system and achieved certification to the revised ISO 9001:2015 standard.

“The company’s safety performance improved steadily throughout the year and encouragingly,
has become ‘front
of mind’ within the organisation.”

Anthony Wooles
IMDEX Chairman