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Board of Directors

Our Board has extensive professional expertise, business experience and knowledge of the mineral exploration, mining and technology industries. It also has considerable experience within capital and financial markets.

Members of the Board are well respected in these sectors and play an active role in our company’s strategic planning.

In March 2018 the Board attended the PDAC International Convention, trade show and investor exchange in Toronto, Canada. The PDAC is the world’s leading convention for people, companies and organisations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. Members of our Board also visited IMDEX’s facilities in North and South America to gain further insight into these high-growth regions.

Key priorities for the Board during FY18 included:

  • Improving our safety performance
  • Strong Corporate Governance
  • Transitioning to One IMDEX
  • Driving our two-tiered growth strategy

"Each Board member has diverse yet complementary skills and everyone has extended well beyond their obligations to make meaningful contributions to the development, long-term growth and governance of our company."

Anthony Wooles IMDEX Chairman