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"Our company delivers IMDEX Solution Sets that include our leading REFLEX and AMC brands. We assist clients to reduce their costs and increase their productivity by providing end-to-end solutions across the full mining life cycle."


  • Global presence
  • Market leading brands
  • World-class research and development capabilities
  • IMDEX Solutions for exploration, mining and development

Client Benefits

  • Chain of custody
  • Quality data
  • Timeliness
  • Streamlined processes

Leading Brands


AMC redefines the way drilling fluids, equipment, technologies and software are used to optimise drilling programs – it strives to maximise productivity while enhancing safety and sustainability. AMC is also growing its presence within the horizontal directional drilling, waterwell and civil construction sectors.

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REFLEX is a global supplier of advanced subsurface intelligence solutions comprising advanced downhole instrumentation, data management and analytical software for geological modelling.

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Company Structure

Global Business

Operating Leverage

At IMDEX we have operations in all of the key mining regions of the world. Our global presence and comprehensive distribution network allow us to:

  • provide local support to clients;
  • have greater access to international mineral exploration markets;
  • and efficiently introduce new solution sets to these markets.

During FY17 we opened a new facility in Peru, which is a growth area for the company. We also relocated a manufacturing facility from Calgary in Canada to Salt Lake City in the USA to better service our clients.