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Governance & Risk

Corporate Governance

The Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council sets out best practice recommendations, including corporate governance practices and suggested disclosures (ASX Recommendations).

ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3 requires companies to disclose the extent to which they have complied with the ASX Recommendations and to give reasons for not following them. Unless otherwise indicated the ASX Recommendations including corporate governance practices and suggested disclosures, have been adopted by our company for the full year ended 30 June 2017. We also provide a Corporate Governance section on our website, which includes the relevant documentation suggested by the ASX Recommendations.

Risk Management

The identification and proper management of risk within IMDEX is an important priority for the Board and management.

The Board has sought to minimise the business’ risks by focusing on the company’s core business. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company’s risk management systems are adequate and operating effectively.

An annual review of the risks faced by the company is undertaken. For future reporting periods the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer will attest to the adequacy of the system of risk oversight, management and internal control on a formal basis every six months.

The Board believes that through the Board itself, the Audit Committee, the Internal Audit Function and external auditors there is adequate oversight of the company’s risk management and internal controls.